Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Big Stander

Alexandra is on the verge of walking, she just started standing a few days ago...it only lasts about 5 seconds! Once she starts walking, our lazy days are over because she will be going like the tazmanian devil.


We were at Grandma Sue's, showing her all of Alex's tricks. One of them is being very photogenic for the camera. She's quite the ham.

Monday, February 19, 2007

FAVORITE GAME! Alexandra sqeels with delight as Chris throws her up in the air. (He's very careful mom!) She looks higher then she really is, Grandma Julia was the photographer...Chris threw her up and sorta knelt down while Julia aimed high with the lens.

This is our favorite picture - it shows Alexandra's personality - she is such a delight to us!

BESTEST COUSINS! Alexandra and Bentley are just 2 months apart - even though Bentley was suppose to be born a week after Alex - she decided to come 2 months early. They have fun hanging out, but I can't wait for them to be at an age where they can really interact with each other.

This was our Christmas picture, Chris decided to shave his head - for fun - so no, he's not going bald. We had a fabulous holiday, we had sleepovers at Julia and Monty's house and Tami and Dave's house. It was so much fun to be with so many family members during Christmas.