Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Chris's sister Robyn blessed her baby last Sunday and his Aunt Ann took some pretty cute pictures of everyone.....I think this is the cutest picture of Alex!
What can I say, we have a photogenic baby on our hands!
Daddy and his little girl! I love how enamoured he is with her.
Chris is really lucky, he has both sets of grandparents still alive and well and living within 15 minutes of us. I have Grandma Thelma, but she lives up in Calgary and I don't see her often. Alex is blessed to have so many grandparents around her. I love this picture with Grandpa Monty and her interacting with Great-Grandpa Searle and Chris. We love all our grandmas and grandpas!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

"A Temple in Our Midst"

Last night we had a big BYU Alum event. We hosted it in conjunction with the new Draper Temple being built. Truman and Ann Madsen were the speakers, and they were great. Ann shared stories about how they have been able to involve their families with Temple work, especially the young grandkids. Some of them even call and say, "I'm going to the Temple Thursday. Do you want to come with us?" Truman Spoke about the Temple being a similitude of an upward ascent into the heavenly presence. We had the missionaries sing "The Spirit of God" for the end number. About 700+ people came - pretty descent for an Alumni event in SLC.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Easter Sunday we went to my mom's house for dinner and an egg hunt. Alex loved playing on the grass, she didn't really care about the number of eggs she got....she fine with one. But Chris and I grabbed a few for the candy - for us.
Mom bought her the bunny ears, she was the cutest little thing wearing them.
I think this is the first time Alex didn't really want her picture taken.
Olivia's 5th birthday party on April 15th, Alex had to go check-out the cupcakes. Liv loves her little cousins and has fun playing with them and at times mauling them.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Happy Earth Day

I'm gearing up to go green or atleast minty....I'm not an Al Gore lover or hater or complete believer in the fear aproach to Global Warming, but I do believe however in doing my part. If you are interested go to to see what you can do today. I admit I haven't been recyclying but when we move I am going to see if my city has a recycling program, I will use energy smart power strips and light bulbs (not everywhere because I don't care for the light they put out) and I am going to try to use cloth shopping bags....we'll see how it works! I gotta ease into the green way of thinking. I was inspired by watching Oprah yesterday.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Slide O' Fun

Last Saturday we went over to Chris's parents house, Alex had a blast hanging with the older kids and playing on the slide.
We discovered a week ago how fun the slide is for Alex, she just grins from ear to ear when we plop her on the top of the slide.
She LOVES slides!! And wants more when she is at the bottom.
She learned to walk last week, but the last couple of days she has really taken off and will take 10+ steps at a time. She is growing up so fast, it's been fun to see each stage.