Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Birthday Tea Party

Alexandra turned 3 this month and we had an all out tea party with 11 of her little friends.

Alex and her cousin Bentley waiting for the other guests to arrive. Each little girl got a tea hat to wear along with some jewelry.
Making sure the Birthday Girl looks just right!
I had so much fun decorating my dining room for the party that I think I am going to have a tea party of my own!

The goods.

Sister Samantha in her tea party best!
I think all the little girls had a splendid time.

Like I said, I had fun decorating and went a little buck wild!

Sippin' some pink lemonade.

On Mother's Day we celebrated Alex's birthday at our park with our families. Alex is such a sweet and kind little girl with a ton of spunk! She likes to act silly and get attention. She has a serious crush on the neighbor boy who is 9!! (hope she grows out of that!) She loves her baby sis, she loves her cousins and her greemas and grandpas! She loves to clean up and put things away, she is pretty obedient. We think she's an absolute doll inside and out! We love you Al!