Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Update, finally

A book without pictures used to bore me as a child and so I figured a blog without pictures would be boring. I'm taking my friend Lisa's advice and blogging without pictures. I'm still waiting to buy a camera and some new furniture for our new house, oh and shutters (which I'm sure my neighbors would appreciate), and a king bed and I'd like a new car too! So you see, I have a lot of saving to do.

We are expecting a baby in March and are so thrilled, but I often forget because I am so focused on Alex and her cute personality. She keeps me smiling all day long. I can't wait for her to wake-up from her naps so we can play. She is learning animal sounds right now and it's so fun to go walking every morning and see dogs, birds and ducks and see her identify them. I hear they get cuter, but I can't possibly imagine that.

I am going to post some pics from the Parade home I decorated, I won Best Interior Design in my category. I wasn't expecting an award but when I got it, I was so excited to know that others like my style. It was a refreshing change from the norm. I'll try to be more consistent with blogging, I kinda got out of the habit even though I browse others all the time and think people are so creative and fun with their blogs. Until then, keep at it.