Sunday, May 25, 2008

My heart and mind

About a week or so ago I was doing some pondering about my life and the things that influence me and my attitude. I really wanted to improve some things and especially my thoughts. For the most part I am a pretty optimistic and happy person, but negative thoughts enter my mind and I find myself gossiping from time to time. I know it's wrong, but sometimes it feels good - like in a venting way. I don't want to be like that and I don't want my kids to ever hear me saying something bad about someone else. They might think it's ok to do the same. My desire for change isn't just about saying things about others, but just my thoughts period about situations and circumstances. So, my new attitude is working so far and it's come from the heart. I know it won't be easy and it will take a lifetime and beyond to change. I said something about someone 8 years ago that wasn't very nice. That person has held a grudge against me for that long and I didn't know until last year. Well, I wasn't going to apologize because I thought my comment was true. This last week there was an opportunity for me to say sorry - I hesitated and justified my actions to myself. Then I thought, what's it going to hurt for me to swallow my pride. I thought it would be hard. Surprisingly, it was EASY and it felt good! I wished I had done that 8 years ago. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Alexandra May

Today our sweet little girl turned 2! Time flies. She has been such a delighful child to raise, always so happy and pretty obedient. Her smile and laugh are infectious! She is very aware of other people's feelings and observant of her surroundings. Right out of the womb she was staring at everyone that held her - like a deep soul stare! This picture is of her handing me my Mother's Day gift, beautiful flowers. She won't pose for the camera. Stinker.

Yesterday we celebrated her b-day with our familes at a combined Mother's Day dinner at Chris' parent's house. She loved her gifts, a tutu from Grandma Sue and a trike from G & G Andrus, just to name a couple.
The gluten-free cupcakes were a hit!

Today we had a little cupcake party with some of her neighborhood friends. We love cupcakes. Who doesn't? We ended up stripping the girls down so they wouldn't get their shirts dirty. I love this picture, Bentley eating her cupcake like a dog, Alex happy to be eating cupcakes again, Helen and Mayet focused on the task at hand. So cute.

Alex likes to act silly and rough house withe boys, older ones especially! She is curious and observant - when I get off the phone she asks, "whad say?" She minds pretty well and is very helpful with baby sister. She is independent and such a joy to have in our family. I look forward to the future with her but for now, I love all her precious moments. I'm lucky to be her mother! Happy Birthday Ally Magoo!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Archuleta and the Jazz

Posting from Chris.

So last night my dad gives me call, letting me know that he has some row 1 seats for game three. Of course I rescheduled my night. It was worth it, big time.

David Archuleta from American Idol sang the national anthem (If you watch the show, you'll see it Wednesday I'm sure. He was way good!) Here's some pics of him on the court, before and during his performance:
Then he went and sat just a few rows behind us, behind the press tables. So, I went and asked him to sign my Jazz shirt. Everyone in the arena got one. Think I can sell it on EBay?

Basically, I said, "You're awesome bro." His response: "Oh my gosh - you're so nice! Thank you so much!"

We sat just behind the team. The Jazz played well, and I think the final score was 104 Jazz, 99 Lakers. We booed Kobe all night. Senator Hatch sat by us. Kind of a snoozer fan.

My brother-in-law Jeff was at the game too and came and said hi to us during half time. Afterwards as we were going to our car, I heard someone yell out "I didn't see the stairs!" and I heard a crunching sound. I turned around to see a guy in a big powered wheel chair just completing a summersault and settling in right on his face at the bottom of a flight of terrace steps on the Jazz plaza. I ran back and within 3 seconds a dozen other people showed up as well. We all heaved him upright (that thing weighted more than you would think) and brought him down the stairs. He had really thick glasses, and was moaning in pain. I flagged down someone with a walkie-talkie and they got the medics on the way. Poor guy. All in all it was a very memorable night. Thanks Dad!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too Many Time-outs

Chris and I were talking last night about the amount of time-outs we've been giving Alexandra. I was thinking back over the day and wondering if her punishments had been a little harsh for her actions. I expressed how I want to be a really good mom and be patient and loving AS much as I can - I know there are moments when I lose it and will be more in the future. It's the facts.

He told me something he heard on the radio about parenting toddlers, that there is a differen between willful disobedience and just exploring their curiosity. We know that Alex needs boundaries and we also know that we need to follow through and be consistent. The psychologist said that you need to look at your child's heart and know their intent. Alex has a good heart. She is really good natured and isn't destructive. Today both Chris and I were a little more patient and understanding with her and she didn't have to go in any time-outs. Perhaps the lack of sleep has made me irritable because since Samantha was born, Alex has seen the corner atleast once a day, if not more.

Each day is a learning process as a parent, I realize that I won't be who I want to be as a mother overnight. I will try each day to be more patient and remember that my sweet kids are children of God, that I've been entrusted to teach them and love them here on earth. How lucky am I!