Friday, August 29, 2008

Rawsthorne Family Reunion

Two weeks ago we went to Bear Lake for my mom's side family reunion. All my aunts, uncles and cousins and grandma came down from Calgary to hang-out on Ideal Beach. Here's Alex at the start of the short drive watching Ice-Age. So happy!

Sorry, forgot to flip...Alex loving the lake with goose bumps and all!

Everyone had so much fun playing on the beach!

We had a sand castle building contest, I think Grandma (the judge) said everyone won! Our family's finished product!

The woman who started it all, Thelma Sophia Rawsthorne age 92! She's only sitting in the wheelchair as a place to sit that's more comfortable than a picnic bench. What a beautiful example of aging with grace!

The whole fam, minus a few people who couldn't make it.

Sam with her cousin Reese, already best cousins!

Our reunion shirts, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) crest on front and the motto on back "Maintain the Right". My Grandpa was an RCMP.

Alex and Bentley at the luau, Chris made his signature Khalua Pig, minus the Khalua and it was delicious!

Alex walked around all night asking people for their lei's, she's always been a little gatherer (hoarder)....too cute!
We had such a wonderful time seeing everyone and can't wait for the next time we get together. Everyone who planned and executed did such a fantastic job. Good times!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

4 Months Old

My sweet baby is 4 months today, it's amazing how fast they grow-up! I thought I'd try to give her some rice cereal.....

After the wipe down, after she spit it all up...

Then I think it dawned on her that I was trying to give her something other than a bottle and man was she mad!!

She learned how to roll over last week and does it constantly when I put her to bed but the problem is she HATES being on her tummy and screams. Except this time I came in to check on her and she was actually asleep! Sweet baby.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thanksgiving Point

This morning Chris planned for us to go down to Thanksgiving Point. During August, Tuesday's are $2 for everything! We first went to the Dinosaur Museum which Alex loved! Thank goodness for Little Einstein's Dinosaur Instrument episode! She was really interested in them and growling. She was a little scared of the one above since all the rest were just bones.

Playing in the sand and water.

We then went to the farm and saw all the animals and had a pony ride, which she LOVED! She kept saying "again!!" but the line was too long. We'll go back again this month. It's so fun to see her learning and observing and taking everything in.

Sam the spectator.

Alex trying to feed the cow but instead he was trying to eat her!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Kirkland Family Reunion

Last weekend we has two family reunions for Chris' family. On Saturday we got together with Chris' birth dad's family. We haven't been that close to the Kirklands until last year when they started getting together themselves. It was so fun to meet and get to know the cousins better. Some live right near by us and we plan on getting together again soon!

The Aunts and Uncles. Mark was killed on assignment while working for the FBI back in 1977. His uncle Jay brought a box full of pictures of Mark for Chris and his brother Ken. It's amazing how much they both look like Mark. I will post some of the pics later, Ken has them to scan.

Alex with her second cousins. I think they kinda look alike. And her hair color is from the Kirkland side, a few of the cousins had the same color!

All the second cousins, they had so much fun playing in the water, dirt and getting prizes!

Aunt Mary Kay with Samantha. Uncle Brent and Mary Kay planned the whole thing, thank you so much for getting us all together!!

Andrus Family Reunion

Friday night we went up to Heber Valley Camp for the Andrus reunion (Monty's side). We had such a great time, except on the way up Alex was complaining of an owie and then threw-up all over herself and her carseat! Even though we were not planning on sleeping over, I luckily brought pajamas for thr girls. Chris lost his appetite while cleaning things up! Anyway, enough about the barfing.

Alex with her dinner.

Daddy and Samantha.

Cutest baby face!!

Chris' aunt and uncle planned the reunion and the activities for the kids. They had a treasure hunt and found a pinata at the end of it. All the kids got a chance to whack the dragon, youngest to oldest, even Sam! We had a great time until we had to leave and go home and get in our car which smelled like barf!! Good times.