Saturday, December 27, 2008

Best Christmas Ever!

This year really has been the best Christmas for me in a while. Not that past Christmases weren't good, but this one was extra special. First off, Chris went to church early on Sunday so we couldn't get a family photo with our coordinating outfits, but I got the girls in theirs...pretty sweet.

On Monday one of Chris' best friends Ryan Jensen and his wife Amy and son Jax came to stay with us for 2 days. I'm sad I didn't get more pics but we had the best time with them. Eating, playing games and just hanging out! Please come back again soon!

Then on Wed afternoon we packed up and went over to my sister Tami's house to spend the night. Can you see the excitement...all day we heard "It's Christmas! It's Christmas everyday!" and still tonight, I heard it again. I love that Alexandra is old enough to grasp some of the excitement of this blessed holiday.

All the kids went sledding at the park nearby and had a blast even though it was Freezing! Alex didn't seem to mind, Chris said she laughed and screamed and covered her face as they went down the hill.

After a fabulous time stuffing ourselves with yummy food, Chris read Luke 2 and we sang some Christmas songs. Then I read the story " Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus" and had never read the whole thing, just heard bits of it. I cried. As did my dad, mom and sisters. Then we went around the room and each person told their favorite thing about Christmas or a memory. We then exchanged our cousin gifts that were handmade this year which was my idea. I've been wanting to do this with my family for years and every year they poo-poo my idea. They even tried to get out of it this year but I put my foot down. I was so impressed with my sisters talents...Tami made Alex the cutest dress and Sam the most darling onesie. Alex even hugged it when she opened it! I saw Tam get a little misty eyed. Di made Brynlee a jewelry holder for her wall and Olivia the cutest apron ever and she didn't even use a pattern! Lauren loved her jewelry box and glittered hanging "Dream" I made her and I think Parker liked his man treasure box and "P" I made him. My mom of course was gushing over her kids talents. It really was so sweet to exchange handmade gifts. I hope we do it every year and get the kids involved. We then exchanged our sibling tribute letters (thanks for the idea Kara!) Matt cried over mine I gave him. Pretty touching. I loved mine from Lori, so sweet and kind and I pretty much feel like the cat's meow after she built me up so high! Thanks Lor! We started some new traditions this year that really brought us closer together as a family. There was so much love all around.

Alex and her "best friend" Bentley.

Sam ready for the cold!

Samantha and Reese. They'll be best friends in a couple of years just like their sisters.

After the letters, we opened our p.j's and watched 'Horton Hears a Who' and cuddled with our cousins on the sofa.

After the kids went to bed, Santa's helpers got everything ready. It was crowded but cozy.

In the morning, (6:30 am) the kids got to see what Santa left for them. Alex got this pink rocking horse that trots and neighs and wags its tail. I think it was a hit! (That's her on top hugging it!)

Yesterday my MIL took me and my sister-in-laws to lunch and shopping. It was like Christmas all over again! Thanks for your generosity Monty and Julia, we love you for sharing it with us!

I really had a great time this week spending time with friends and family and sharing the love. With our new traditions I'm sure next year will be just as great!

On a side note, Christmas Day night was pretty low-key it could have been due to the fact that it was a complete blizzard where we live and I opted not to go see 'Marley and Me' with my mom and sisters. I also wanted to be with Chris and the girls. Does anyone have any fun traditons or ideas of something we could start doing next year? It's always been anti-climatic since we really celebrate big Christmas Eve. I don't want my kids to be bored like I was growing up and was this year. We were tired and there wasn't anything on t.v. If you have any ideas, please share.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Blame the Fairy...or praise her!

We finally gave up the binky. Well, the Binky Fairy took them....Alex left these two binky's on the doorstep (we had 7 a month ago...I'm sure they'll turn up sometime!).

I took her upstairs to read a book and we came back down to see if the Binky Fairy had come and she had!

The proud new owner of a Maltese, which she named Roxy and wanted me to take a picture of her with her present.

The proud parents!
The rest of the story: That night she cried for her binky for a while and didn't want Roxy anymore. She threw her and said the Binky Fairy wasn't very nice for taking her binkys. I had to lay down with her after Chris had already tickled her back and tried to calm her. She finally drifted off to sleep after 2 hours of being upset and calling for her binky. Yesterday after her nap she had a good cry, I knew it was her mourning the loss of her binky. Last night she went right down and hasn't asked for her binky at all today. I'm proud of Alex for learning how to self soothe and for being a big girl. I've enjoyed having that thing around but enough is enough when I have to sak Alex 100 times a day to take that thing out! I've taken it away and said it was only for sleeping and in the car but she finds them and sucks them and when I go to take it away it's a battle. No more binky battles! Hooray!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"I Love Everything.."

(attempt #12....but you get the gist of a dancing happy child)

Imagine the title to this post as a song, sung by a 2 1/2 yr old without a care in the world. Got it in your mind? Good. That's what I was hearing in the car yesterday as we drove home.
I love the perspective of a child.
We went to a birthday party for a cousin, Alex got to play with their toy horse, finger paint and eat a cupcake. Next we went and did a little Christmas shopping and on the way home from that we stopped at Harmon's. Santa Claus was there handing out candy canes and free pictures. As we walked away from "Santy Claus", Alex was thanking him for the candy cane and told him Merry Christmas. Then she spotted the balloons at customer service, so we had to stop there for a free balloon. As we left the store, she ran out and was jumping and dancing and singing...."I love Christmas, I love everything..." and so on and so forth. Melted my heart......of course. In the car she was saying "perfect" and listing all the things she did and saw. Up until that moment I was a little tired and looking forward to going home and nap time, then I thought, this IS the perfect day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On top of it

That is something I wish I was. I haven't posted for three weeks and alot has been going on. We've had family staying with us from Las Vegas over Thanksgiving and hosted my Weeks cousin party the other night. Hosting and entertaining is exhausting. We're a little tired. In fact it's the middle of the day and I wish I could go crawl into my bed but I am babysitting my friends kids. Tonight.

We had a little photo shoot of the girls and here are some of the pics of my beautiful kids. Can a mom brag? You bet.