Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a Super Sleuth

Almost two weeks ago I put 2 and 2 together while I was out for my morning walk with my friend Riann. I told her I was having cramps the last two days and I only get them when I'm pregnant.

I then asked her, "when do you ovulate?" I know, I should know this but I'm usually on the pill. I went off birth control mid August so I could do HCG and lose weight. When I got home from my walk I counted on my calendar and figured out that on day 15 the magic happened.....seriously, are we a couple of teenagers? I then read online about HCG and pregnancy and Dr. Simeons says that when you get pregnant (which isn't uncommon on HCG and I'm wondering why I didn't know that before) you stop losing weight. I had not lost weight for a week and now it's stopped completely. I was convinced I was pregnant. I then stopped losing my hair, have some mean gas, want to take a nap at every opportunity and got a zit! Oh and did I mention I'm a week late?

Oh yes my friends, I am pregnant!!!!!

And yep, Samantha is only 6 months old! We are excited and grateful but were planning on having more of a span between kids. Oh well. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Harvest

The other day Chris came home from work and loaded us into the car for a suprise. He drove us to our local pumpkin patch to pick this years front porch decor. Alex walked around looking for the perfect pumkin.

Finally found it. She was cold and just wanted her daddy to hold her.

Sam was warm and apparently interested in something on the ground.

Alex a little unsure about the corn maze and she was cold! (we forgot her jacket)

Yesterday my cousin gave us peaches from an orchard where he and his family picked an entire truck beds worth of FREE peaches. (Thanks Becca!) Last night my family came over and we canned our little hands off.

Yummy freezer jam, my favorite.

I was busy yesterday, I also made these felt bows with my sister Di for our little girls. I know you are probably thinking that I'm pretty domesticated but the truth is we weren't about to pay $14 for something that we could make for less than $1! Some people would call it cheap, I call it being frugal and creative.

This morning Chris picked the rest of our unripened tomatoes due to a minor snow storm.....hmm, gotta find something to do with them now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Observer

The last few days Alex has been saying the cutest things. For example, the other night as I was getting her ready for bed she pointed to some homemade butterflies that are on her walls and said, "Look Mom, utterflies, so peetty, you make it? Thanks Mom!". Then yesterday she pointed to some plates I have on a wall in my kitchen and said, "So peetty, you make it?". I told her no and then she pointed to some frames on the counter that say Boo and she said, "you make it?". I said yes and then she continued to point to the mice, the broomsticks and other things I have made and asked"you make it?". I thought what an observant little two year old that she notices all the things I've been making the last few weeks. My favorite part was when she thanked me for the pretty butterflies in her room!

Some of the thrifty halloween things I've done, taken from Pottery Barn and Martha Stewart. Gotta love great ideas!

This was actually from this site, and so easy and cute and could be for a nursery or childs room. They are cuter than this picture leads you to believe, for some reason my camera would not take a clear pic.

Cheap and easy. $1 pumpkins at Wal-Mart and orange glitter and craft glue!

These ideas are from Martha and so easy and inexpensive but have really made my house look festive for Halloween!

Alex pets the mice and talks to them.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Manthy - 6 months

This is my little fashionista, this was a good day because I actually changed her out of her jammies. Ahh, I'm such a good mom.

She is modeling her homemade babylegs. My friend Laci and I cranked out 15 pairs between Conference sessions on Saturday. I found a tutorial here if anyone is interested. We bought the socks at Wal-mart for $1.50 and at Target for $2.50 which beats paying $12 for the real babylegs.

This week Sam has started eating baby food, gumming baby crackers, sleeps thru the night 50% of the time, looks like she wants to crawl and is working on sitting up. She needs to be held more and needs to have more interaction and loves to giggle when I sing 'Old McDonald' or do anything else in her face. She is such a good baby and so much fun. Chris and I can't get enough of her!

And neither can her big sister.