Friday, April 17, 2009


Easter Weekend....many festivites, too much candy and a broken camera on Easter Sunday hence no dress pictures! Argh!

We started off the weekend with a neighborhood egg hunt on friday. Alex with her little friends, Avery, Mayet and Ava rollin' in the wagon.

Alex wanting to find more than her share of eggs!

Saturday morning we had the Andrus (Chris' family) egg hunt and luncheon...Grandma Delfa and my MIL Julia are amazing at pulling this off for everyone, thank you Grandmas and Grandpas!

Manthy and I around the campfire.

Feels kinda like Halloween. (What up with her face?)

After Chris' parents house, we made our way to the Hinckley's egg hunt...missed the egg hunt and the food but it was good to see neighbors and friends and of course play on this awesome tree swing!

We did also attend cute Leo Jacobsen's 1st B-day bash but did not get any pics which is just too bad since he is adorable

On Sunday, Chris and I hosted my family at our house for an egg hunt and dinner. I made the most delicious ham (thanks Martha!) and macaroons (thanks again Martha!) and everyone brought yummy food to complement the main course. We played at the park, hunted for eggs (that's when my camera went on the fritz!), ate dinner and hung out. It was a splendid weekend celebrating with our families and seeing the joy in Alex's face while she found eggs!

Chris and Matt pushing Alex and Bentley.

Me and my sisters (except for Lori).

Bentley, Lauren, Alex and Brynn. So lucky to have such great neices!

Sam and Reese eating dirt like good litttle babies!


Aimee said...

Adorable! You got some great photos! I love the one where Alex is sticking out her tongue. She is so beautiful!

Us said...

Looks like a fun Easter. Your girls are so cute. Hey, how do you get bigger font when you write in your posts?

Jennifer said...

It looks like you all had a great Easter! And the weather looks nice. It was great here for a while, but now it's brutal.