Monday, April 6, 2009

Samantha Kate

My baby is one! I can't believe how fast the time goes. We had everyone over on Sunday to celebrate, Chris made his Hawaiian pork which is always a crowd pleaser! Sam really made a haul with some fantastic gifts.

Sam loved her cupcakes, she ate two as well as all the cousins...our kitchen was covered in frosting and cupcake! Today we had some friends over (Kelly and Victoria) for lunch and a playdate at the park to continue with the birthday festivities.

Our little "Mantha" as Alex called her just a couple of days old.

Sam at 6 months old, loved by all but especially her big sister!

Nine months old, she still loves to suck on wipees. Samantha walked at 11 1/2 months, just got her 2 front teeth and shows signs of having the "red head" attitude! I'm hoping it's the teething that is causing her tantrums! She is just a delight to have in our family, she is a sweet little girl and loves to give cuddles and smile. We love you Manthy!


Timothy and Candice said...

So cute. Can't wait to see you Saturday for the big hunt! Hopefully!

my.three.sons said...

Mel Manthy is so stinking cute, I just want to take a bite out of her! I hope you are well and savoring the joys and sorrows of mommyhood. xoxo

Adelaide's Mom said...

Happy birthday Samantha!!! Lets plan a is your schedule next week.

Karen Scoffield said...

So cute! Don't know what you mean about the red head attitude though :)

Jeff and Diana said...

happy b day manth! reese and i are sad we missed your party!
love you!

The Thomas Family said...

Wow, time does go by... and it reminds me that Claire-face will be one this week! Ahhh! Crazy. She is just stinking adorable. And good job being consistent with the bows--Claire pulls them all out now the second I put it on. Over and over again.